Every being is a doorway through which the infinite passes through to the finite.
 A doorway through which god becomes being.
Through which the universal becomes individual.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Alchemy is not a mystical, esoteric practice reserved for cave-dwellers and secret people. It’s available 24-7, and it’s what you are.

Looking for the online scheduling link? It’s here

I am currently seeing clients on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, with some exceptions for a few longtime clients.  If you’d like to know why I’m working less, see this post.

I work with people who

*are suffering from digestive disorders, chronic stress, painful emotions or numbness to their own feelings
*are experiencing acute episodes of anxiety or panic. I have experience with this in my own body and found regular sessions of soothing physical touch invaluable for reattuning to a sense of safety and stability, as well as for assisting my nervous system to recover from and gain resilience to the intense emotions and frightening physical sensations that would arise.
*want to learn how to use the readily available mirrors of appetite and synchronicity with the 24 yearly qi seasons (qi nodes) as a path of awakening or as conscious engagement with their inherent alchemical nature
*are looking for a gentle but deep detoxification of their entire life
* want a simpler, more joyful and strengths-based path to knowing themselves as a spark of the Creative Force and engaging their full power.

**I also work with people who plain ol’ just really enjoy the deep relaxation of having their internal organs soothed.

I use Chi Nei Tsang, Colon Hydrotherapy,Tibetan and Chinese medical theory [which includes nutrition,synchronicity with the 24 yearly qi nodes (or “seasons”), and Astrology], and Daoist, Zen and Dzogchen meditation/self-reflection practices.

I also work with people in long-term mentorship relationships.  MENTORSHIPS ARE CURRENTLY FULL. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO BE PLACED ON A WAIT LIST.

My work is not for you if

you’re looking for complexities, out-of-body experiences, or dramatic catharsis (this can happen, but it’s never the point). You’ll get less out of it if you believe you’re incapable of implementing dietary or lifestyle recommendations or letting go of addictions. It’s not for you if your appointments would add more stress to an already too-busy schedule.

My long-term mentorships are not for you if

you believe you have no time for a daily stillness practice, or if you refuse to let go of dependencies on psychic advice, rituals, having people “fix” you or “clear blockages” or anything else that keeps you from going within to learn your own intuitive landscape for at least one year. What you focus upon, you create.

Take a look around my site, see if anything resonates with you. If you’d like more information, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call at 415-318-6651. If you’d like to chat for a bit, you can also set up a complimentary phone call here.

You have no “life purpose” but enjoyment, and your main function is digestion. If your internal landscape is out of sync, so your external landscape will be. As within, so without is grounded wisdom.

The way we nourish ourselves with food, people, activity, stillness and sleep – our appetite – is a powerful path of self discovery and awakening. Look deeply into your human experience, not outside of it, for the transformative alchemy you are.


Yes, we are all a powerful spark of the Creative Force. But the absolutely fantastical thing about our experience is our capacity as human beings.