Every being is a doorway through which the infinite passes through to the finite.
 A doorway through which god becomes being.
Through which the universal becomes individual.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Releasing the past and freedom from issues or blocks doesn’t have to take years of therapy or “working on” yourself.


What if the healing, clearing or fixing you’re doing to empower yourself

 is actually keeping your power just out of reach? 


One of the reasons you were drawn to the spiritual and personal development paths was to be able to live from the knowing that you are That. Reality, the Illusion, Everything. You were following the inherent human impulse towards awakening.

You also probably figured the more self awareness you developed, the more aligned and fully expressed you would feel, and the less you’d be holding yourself back from the things you really wanted to have, or do, or even be.

But after so much exploring and doing your personal work – workshops, books, meditations, healings -  you find yourself still seeking. You might have a constant feeling of not there yet, or not enough. Or you’re still experiencing self-doubt, or attracting unhealthy relationships, or still caught in patterns creating less-than-optimal money situations -  issues you think you should be over with by now.

It’s frustrating, and it’s a story I hear from a lot of people: If you could just walk through the portal between this reality and the one in which you know you’re a powerful, brilliant being, you’d be out of your own way, playing a much bigger, more fun game.

Take a breath, and come home to your heart.

Embodying what you actually are and waking up out of conditioning doesn’t have to be so much work.

There’s a much simpler, much more empowering path. It’s a direct line to Source, it allows issues and blocks to just dissolve without struggle, and you already have it. You may just need help accessing it.


This is where I come in.


I help people who want to be free of their self-limitations, access more of their raw power, and learn how to create what they want with a lot less effort. People who are ready to let go of who they think they are in order to experience their full potential…and who want to experience what can happen when you start poking around behind the veil.

Through transmission and using grounded, practical tools that engage your energetic landscape, your physical body and your conscious mind, I help you get back in touch with your own alchemy – the built-in transformative, evolutionary power you’re made of. The field of resonance I hold opens you, reconnects** you to and encourages a deeper embodiment of Source. (Or call it The Divine, Pure Potentiality, The All-That-Is.)

And I want to be sure you can access its deceptively simple magic on your own, without having to rely on healers, teachers or complicated modalities for the rest of your life.

If you’d like to find out more, come on in, explore my site, and read more about me or check out my offerings.

Feel free to email me with any questions at all, or you can set up a totally free, non-salesy (I promise) phone chat.


**Words aren’t really good for this. It’s not so much a reconnection – you’re never disconnected, and you don’t really need to “be connected to” Source/The Divine, because you are it – it’s better described, perhaps, as an awakening of all that is not-Self, and blossoming into the knowledge, or the remembrance, of what you are, with deeper access to your power.